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CEI has a trustworthy team with more than 40 years of industry experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC markets and more than 10 years of solar energy experience. Our approach is centered on attention to detail, and each project with CEI begins with an evaluation and audit that helps reduce overall energy costs and saves our customers money.

How it all began

In 2009, Carolina Energy, Inc. (CEI) was launched in North Carolina with the core mission of providing better options for those facing volatile and unpredictable energy costs. With Founder David Clark’s background in nuclear, hydroelectric, solar energy production and more than 40 years in the residential and commercial heating and cooling markets, he decided to use his skills to create a revolutionary company that would offer something missing from the HVAC marketplace.

He started by looking at what other providers were doing for their customers. What he found was shocking.

Most HVAC companies were strictly focused on a quick sale rather than listening to their customers and providing the right solution that would meet their unique set of needs.

Customers were paying too much for their basic heating and cooling and/or energy efficient services, and the service performed on them was mediocre at best.

The relationship-building component was completely missing from the picture, and the minimal communication between contractor and client resulted in poor service, disjointed system repairs, and redundant billing. Customers were losing from every angle.

And that’s when CEI was born.

Within the first year, CEI became the largest installer of energy efficiency systems in both North Carolina and Virginia. They helped organizations like YMCAs, county jails, Skilled Nursing facilities, military bases, commercial and industrial clients, and residential homes utilize solar thermal technology (and cut costs!)

In 2014, CEI permanently relocated to Hilton Head Island, a beloved vacation spot for David and his family. Today, CEI is a family-owned company with David’s youngest son Matthew joining the company as Vice President. Together, they’re continuing to further CEI’s core mission and values through long-standing relationships and dedication to high quality, guaranteed service that doesn’t cost a fortune.


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